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Rules translations - Additions and supplements - Corrections and rebalancings - Scans of french rules

Rules translations

These translations are usually made by a member of the club. However, if you made a translation, especially to french, and do not know where to host it, do not hesitate to contact us (on the boards), we can host your document... It is also on the boards that you can post your translations requests, remarks, ...

You did not find what you were looking for ? Did you have a look at the websites specialised in translation ? It is in our link list... Else, you can always ask on the board.

So here is the list of translations, with a link on the corresponding file.

▲ Sommet

Additions and supplements

Under this topic are placed the additional problems, variants and games complements.

▲ Sommet

Corrections and rebalancings

Rules corrections, rebalancings, new versions (let us point in passing the 2.0 version of the rules of Gnome Wars by the author of the game).

▲ Sommet

Scans of french rules

Scans of rules in French of some games of publishers difficult to contact, or games with limited disponibility. On demand of the publisher, these rules may be suppressed without warning.

▲ Sommet

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